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Honey Honey August 26, 2010

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So the Queen Bee sent me an email today, reminding me to send home some honey with her hubby (he is in town staying with us as he has some important business matters out here). She has been having a pickle of a time finding a shop that sells the honey sticks  I packed in her travel goodie bag for her flight home last time she visited. They are pretty perfect if you want some tea on a long plane flight.

I went into the pantry to see if I had any left. I figured I could always just stash a few into her hubby’s suitcase, just in case I forget to make it to the store. And if I make it to the store that still requires me to remember why I am there.

Mmmm honey…. I am a particular fan of honey. Maybe because my name means honey bee. There I was, in the pantry, looking at the honey section on the shelf, between the coffee/teas and the olive oils. Big jars, little jars, bears, tins. I realized at that moment I may have a few more honeys in my pantry than normal. Bold honeys, mild honeys, sage honey, avocado honey, orange honey, lavender honey, honey combs, french honey, local honey. Those for cooking and those for teas. I have eight different types of honeys. And I had to laugh because I had been standing there dipping my paws in for a lick as though I was Pooh. It was so so sweet and good.

I do have a favorite, even though it is not local - I love Le Grand Miel.

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Honey tidbits:

  • Because of the low water holding capacity, bacteria doesn’t easily grow in honey
  • If a jar of honey crystallizes, place it outside – an afternoon in the sun is the perfect remedy
  • Local honeys give you great protection against allergy causing pollen ailments