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Seafood and Sunflowers July 22, 2010

We spent a wonderful weekend in New England… full of seafood and sunflowers.

The journey began with oysters for breakfast actually. Well sort of, we had an early lunch at Matunuck Oyster Bar in Rhode Island as a pit-stop as we drove from Massachusetts to Connecticut after taking the red-eye in from Cali. But oh the oysters were so good – and fresh!! Some were even plucked right out of the waters behind the restaurant.  We definitely recommend eating outside, but it is worth peeking your head in to check out the bountiful oyster selection on ice.

After settling in, next up was for dinner at Abbott’s lobster in the rough in Noank, CT. Is a seasonal BYOB diamond in the rough sort of joint. Steamed lobsters, mussels & clams, huge steamers, clam chowder. You get your elbows dirty and have a perfect picnic table feast. Note – you will definitely need to map to find this place, it is sort off of the beaten path, but worth the scenic drive.

Just recently we were reading an article about breakfast spots state by state, and heard about a tiny place in Mystic, CT. Since we were to be in the area we thought we’d check it out. Kitchen Little is the name, and that pretty well describes the restaurant as well. Its a tiny little peanut of a place, but that’s all it needed to be. The view of the seaport from the outside patio was kinda perfect for an early morn. Hubby ordered their claim to fame dish – the Portuguese fisherman (spicy hot chourico and linguica from Fall River, scrambled together with eggs, peppers, onions, and jalapeño cheese in a lightly spiced sauce served with a Portuguese English muffin). I had scrambled eggs with cream cheese and crab. We definitely recommend asking if they have any specials. And if in season get an order of blueberries and creme.

Oh yeah, for a bit on silly tourist fun, we went to Mystic Pizza!

And finally, to complete our weekend in New England, we embarked on a hay ride. I’ll admit, that part of the afternoon nerved me, but the rest of the day was beautiful. Buttonwood Farm participated in a sunflower festival fundraiser for the Make a Wish foundation. The hay ride took us through 4 of the 14 acres of sunflowers, sold sunflower bouquets, and their farm fresh ice cream. And so, to wind down our weekend, we delighted in caramel ice cream with sunflower seeds.


Thanks for the Versatile Blogger Award July 18, 2010

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Versatile Blogger Award, Anyone?

Yesterday afternoon, we made a very fantastic discovery!  We found out that our friends over at Just Food Snobs had chosen us for the Versatile Blogger Award!  Yippee!

This was a most welcome surprise for a lazy Saturday afternoon.  It was so super exciting, in fact, that I called Husband up during a business meeting just to tell him!

We are extremely honored to have received this award, especially since it is given out by peers.  So, we humbly, and happily, thank Just Food Snobs for thinking of us!  Thank you!

The Guidelines for accepting this award are:

– Thank the person who gave it to you.
– Tell 7 things about yourself.
– Pass the award on to 15 bloggers whom you have recently discovered, and think are fantastic!

7 Things about Queen Bee:

1 – The bees are Melissa and Melissa.

2 – We met in college and have been a part of each others lives for all the major events – our weddings, big moves to new cities, babies, etc.

3 – Queen Bee’s awesome husband takes most of our pictures. Thank you, my sweet!

4 – Thanksgiving is our traditional Bee holiday – we get together and make a fabulous meal.

5 – We’re honorary members of the haters club.  Our husbands are the founders.  Long story.

6 – Both bees are the oldest children in their families.

7 – We both love a really delicious Bloody Mary.

15 Fantastico Blogs That We Recently Discovered, In No Particular Order:

1 – Just Food Snobs – http://justfoodsnobs.blogspot.com/

2 – Simply Maren – http://www.simplymaren.com/

3 – lollcakes – http://lollcakes.wordpress.com/

4 – Mother Rimmy’s Cooking Light Done Right – http://motherrimmy.com/wordpress/

5 – Vintage Sugercube – http://www.vintagesugarcube.com/

6 – Island Vittles – http://islandvittles.com/

7 – The Manly Housewife – http://www.themanlyhousewife.com/blog/

8 – Bakerwanabe – http://bakerwanabe.com/

9 – Cookin’ Canuck – http://cookincanuck.blogspot.com/

10 – Pittsburgh Hot Plate – http://www.pittsburghhotplate.com/

11 – The Merry Gourmet – http://www.merrygourmet.com/

12 – The Dirty Oven – http://thedirtyoven.blogspot.com/

13 – All Day I Dream About Food – http://dreamaboutfood.blogspot.com/

14 – The Diary of A displaced HouseWife – http://thediaryofadisplacedhousewife.blogspot.com/

15 – More Than A Mount Full – A Culinary Journey – http://www.morethanamountfull.blogspot.com/

Thanks again, Just Food Snobs, for including us in this award!


baby girl’s ice lolly July 12, 2010

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Frozen fruit or ice cream pops have been all the rage this summer, and for good reason. There is something so quintessentially summer about licking that frozen bar of goodness… and best of all, its on a stick. Frozen ice pops, better known as popsicles are enjoyed around the world. Actually, Popsicle is a brand name for this type of frozen ice dessert, and the most popular type of such. I think I am a fan of the UK pseudonym… ice lolly – like an ice cream lollipop. That is what it is in deed.

While visiting home (Florida) this summer we stopped into a new little gourmet popsicle shop in St. Augustine. They offered a variety of popsicles in delicious fruit flavors. I couldn’t think of a better moment for a popsicle, either. Hot summer day; sticky with humidity. There was a nice selection, so we chose banilla vanana (banana vanilla), strawberries n’ creme, and key lime. The were all yummy – the key lime tasted just like a slice of key lime pie. (Which by the way you can also get frozen and on a stick in Key West, but that is another story for another day).

We all enjoyed, but by far the youngest member of our party was most delighted. First a hesitant lick… then chomp!

We decided to take the memory home with us. Here’s how we made our baby girl’s simple banana popsicles: 1 cup whole milk vanilla yogurt and three ripe bananas. Combine and blend. Pour/scoop into molds and freeze overnight. Best enjoyed outside in the sun.


Mermaids, Bees, and Nachos June 28, 2010

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Bumblebee Ride at Coney Island

What a strange title for a post, right?  But that’s exactly what we experienced last weekend!

June 19th marked the annual Mermaid Parade at Coney Island, which is an experience to say the least.  Sand, surf, sun, mermaids, and everything else in between!  The parade includes anyone who wants to participate – little girls’ birthday parties, groups making a statement (think “boycott BP” for this year), mermaids-at-heart.  It’s Coney Island at its best.

If you haven’t been to Coney Island, let me describe it to you. Imagine a carnival, sideshow, boardwalk, amusement park, and beach all mixed into one.  It can be fantastic or a little too much, depending on your mood.  It is also very loud.  Coney Island is home to the infamous Cyclone (a rollercoaster that’s been there since 1927) and Nathan’s Famous (origin – 1916) hot dogs.

The idea of a hot dog, a quintessential New York snack, was much more appealing to us than the Cyclone, but that’s just me.

After an hour on the train with some crazies dressed as pirates (did I not mention that pirates are also common to the parade?) We arrived in time to see the last half of the parade and then eagerly headed over to the site of Nathan’s, right off the boardwalk, along Surf Avenue.  Then we saw the line…maybe 150 people long.  It was hot and we were hungry, so we decided to save Nathan’s for another post which brings us to the nachos…

San Loco Ballpark Nachos

We still wanted something to eat that fit in with the theme of the day – fun, campy, not-entirely-healthy – so we stopped off at San Loco in the Lower East Side.  San Loco’s self-proclaimed Gringo-Mex menu is great!  Ordered a

couple of taco locos, Pacificos, and the star of the show – a small order ($2.60) of the Ballpark Nachos, complete with tortilla chips, squeezee cheezee nachco cheese sauce, sour cream, fresh jalapenos, taco sauce, and ground beef.   Totally bad but oh-so-good.  Yummm.

End of the Mermaid Parade 2010

It was the perfect punctuation to a day spent in the summer sun, mish-mashing with mermaids, pirates, and rollercoasters.   We’ll be heading back to Nathan’s on a less crowded day.


Economy Minded Luxe Lunch March 23, 2009

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In light of the current economy, we are curbing our out of the house eating. Sometimes it seems unjustified to pay beaucoup bucks for only a moderate meal. But there are times that it is enjoyable to eat out – my hubby and I love Saturday lunch dates. So we decided to adventure out for a lovely afternoon, and pay mind to our ordering.

I shall begin…but I’ll need to take a moment to close my eyes, a and salivate for a moment, mmm, the taste memory is fantastic. We went to Canaletto in Newport Beach, an Italian restaurant.  For our meal we ordered the Antipasto di Pesce, small plate samplings of their seafood appetizers. I should note that all the dishes themselves are on the lunch menu, but the sampling antipasto is actually listed on the dinner menu (we had checked out the menu online), there was no problem ordering it however. The small plates each came out one by one when ready, sized perfectly for two to share, and price accordingly. The antipasto is $15 pp, but the meal was far more luxe than the $30 price tag (for 2) would suggest. I should also mention that each of the appetizers if ordered alone are priced between $10 and $14, so to get e bit of all of them is well worth it. But none of this is giving the meal justice…let me describe the dishes that arrived…

Ostriche Fresche – Seasonal fresh oysters with lemon and cocktail sauce
Carpaccio di Spada – House-cured swordfish carpaccio with sliced fresh artichokes, capers, and micro-greens
Sardee in Saor – Fresh sardines fried and marinated with sweet and sour onions (so similar to a herring snack my hubby had a few summers ago in Amsterdam)
Baccala ‘alla Vicentina – Imported dry cod baked in milk with onions, capers and garlic, served over soft polenta (the description does nothing for the taste – more creamy than salty, warm and delectable)
Calamaretti Fritti – Baby squid lightly floured and deep-fried; served with grilled polenta and spicy marinara sauce
Polipo con Patate – Warm octopus and potato salad with extra-virgin olive oil and lemon juice (the octopus was no where near it usually chewy self, it was tender and scrumptious)

It was a leisurely late lunch, and a lot of wonderfully different food. I have no pictures, but no fear, I’ll be going back and I’ll snap some. ~ HHB


Mommy, Can We Eat Dolphin? February 25, 2009

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We got an email today from Emily and Meya. Meya is a fabulous almost-three-year-old who is quite a character and loves, loves, loves to eat, eat, eat. She was QB’s flower girl. She’s HHB’s little pal. Emily is her mommy and you’ll be seeing a recipe or two from her on this blog sooner or later, too!

Dear QB and HHB,

Okay walking in Publix today and pass the seafood counter. You guys know she loves to eat all seafood – clams, fish, shrimp, oysters…

So she says “Mommy you eat crabs?”
I say, “yes” and then she says, “Mommy we can eat dolphin?” dolphin
I laugh and say, “no.” (She doesn’t mean Mahi Mahi).
Then she laughs and says “Oh it too spicy?”

Such a funny girl. Don’t think she is going to be one of those who can’t eat a burger once they find out it’s made of a cow.


Clearly, little Miss Meya is a girl after our own hearts. In fact, for Christmas she got her very own kitchen play set this year. Very exciting!


Wine and Wind February 22, 2009

My sweetie and I got a joint email from the other bee and hubby today about a day trip they recently took to Temecula wine country, just outside of Orange County, California.  It’s a really wonderful place and I wanted to share the email…it’s funny and made us wish we were there again, too.


At Callaway Winery

Dear QB and Sweetie,

The subject [title] is meant to say wine and wind (as in a windy road, but I never thought about “wind” – as in “to wind a string” and “wind” – as in “blowing air” being spelled the same). We digress.

We went back to Temecula wine country Saturday to pick up our “wine club” bottles – it was better than having them all shipped.  Also, we are trying to plan little day trips in the convertible.

[When we were there on our honeymoon, we purchased a few bottles from each winery we visited, having the other bee couple join the wine clubs, since they live nearby and can take advantage, so that we all got better rates on the tastings and purchases for the day. – QB]


At Ponte Winery

We had an early start, getting there by 11 am (we felt this was late enough to begin drinking…)

We began at Wiens, which we think may be our favorite so far.  There was only one other car in the parking lot so we figured the place was deserted, but were shocked to walk in and find 40+ people in the tasting room.   As members they pointed the way to the back room, where we found the other car owners. The crowd was part of a tour around the area, not drunk drivers clearly like the rest of us.

[Disclaimer – they did not drive drunk.  The other bee’s husband was a responsible designated driver. – QB]

At Ponte Winery

At Ponte Winery

Down to business, *tickets, 8 tastes, picked up our club bottles, plus one extra that I just plain liked (actually when putting them away I realized I ALWAYS buy the same bottle – at least I’m consistent – LOL).

Moving on…went to Ponte, this place was obviously crowded outside and in.  Again, we took advantage of our membership going into the private tasting room. There were a good number of people in this smaller room too, but not so so many, so the servers didn’t bother with tickets, just poured around glasses.  And opened bottles, we tasted, showed us what comes in the club package (cab franc and bubbly rose), so we tasted that, they found a reserve of 2005 Zin [Zinfandel] magnums, so we all tasted that, she showed us an aerating pourer, and we tasted wine with that, and since I super liked the bubbly rose I compared it to another bubbly and then tasted the rose again….I think you guys can see where this is going.

Stumbling out of Ponte, we made our way (car top down shades on) over to Callaway. Finally we sat down for a bite to eat at Meritage. We are loving that restaurant, we always want to try another one, but for the 3rd time have had a top notch meal.

[We all ate at this wonderful restaurant together when we were out for the honeymoon.  A post soon to come. – QB]


Ortega Highway

Realizing that I was beyond tipsy, we decided to drive home.  But we had planned to take a more scenic drive home this trip – the freeway is always congested and puts a damper on the day. The drive was through HWY 74 (a.k.a Ortega Hwy, v. popular with the bikers) which takes us through some National Forests (and apparently past Hells Kitchen Restaurant) – and up and over the Hills instead of around them like we drove with you.  How can I describe – minimal shoulders, sharp turns, Patrick downshifting, even though we are in an automatic just so the Bug could slow down without riding the bakes…think James Dean driving through the Hollywood Hills – only my hubby playing the role of J.D. and the ending wasn’t tragic – but was nearly vomitous. The drive was super beautiful although way windy (again I am referring to winding – not breezy).

Note for next time: take the scenic drive there NOT back.

Missed the experience without you guys.

HHB and Hubby