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baby girl’s ice lolly July 12, 2010

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Frozen fruit or ice cream pops have been all the rage this summer, and for good reason. There is something so quintessentially summer about licking that frozen bar of goodness… and best of all, its on a stick. Frozen ice pops, better known as popsicles are enjoyed around the world. Actually, Popsicle is a brand name for this type of frozen ice dessert, and the most popular type of such. I think I am a fan of the UK pseudonym… ice lolly – like an ice cream lollipop. That is what it is in deed.

While visiting home (Florida) this summer we stopped into a new little gourmet popsicle shop in St. Augustine. They offered a variety of popsicles in delicious fruit flavors. I couldn’t think of a better moment for a popsicle, either. Hot summer day; sticky with humidity. There was a nice selection, so we chose banilla vanana (banana vanilla), strawberries n’ creme, and key lime. The were all yummy – the key lime tasted just like a slice of key lime pie. (Which by the way you can also¬†get frozen and on a stick in Key West, but that is another story for another day).

We all enjoyed, but by far the youngest member of our party was most delighted. First a hesitant lick… then chomp!

We decided to take the memory home with us. Here’s how we made our baby girl’s simple banana popsicles: 1 cup whole milk vanilla yogurt and three ripe bananas. Combine and blend. Pour/scoop into molds and freeze overnight. Best enjoyed outside in the sun.


10 Responses to “baby girl’s ice lolly”

  1. lollcakes Says:

    Your baby girl is seriously cute! I love popsicles, I’m a big fan of making healthy ones at home for when the heat gets too much. Well done on the recreation!

  2. fooddreamer Says:

    The hesitant lick, then CHOMP…reminds me of my son’s first taste of his birthday cake. One tiny crumb in his mouth, and then fistfulls!

  3. queenbeeeatsforaday Says:

    Oh yes! The first time we gave chocolate ice cream to another little one her eye became like saucers and she had a death grip on the cone!

  4. Emily Says:

    Few days later brought Ananda to try strawberry, surprisingly not a hit. =) I will never forget that chocolate day. =)

  5. queenbeeeatsforaday Says:

    Oh yes, the chocolate day when baby’s eyes got huge and the vice grip on the cone!

  6. Very, very cute! baby has good taste with a great appetite, she knows what she likes!

  7. queenbeeeatsforaday Says:


  8. queenbeeeatsforaday Says:

    Thanks! She is pretty adorable, very proud Auntie here!

  9. I am about to buy a popsicle maker…super cute baby….

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