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This ones’s for you, Cupcake July 2, 2010

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Mama B. can’t eat wheat, actually she can’t eat any gluten. It happens… and as a creative cook (well really just of eggs, doctored Amy’s Pizza, chopped liver, and a mean GF banana bread) and restaurant go-er she has grown to find more and more options to satisfy her taste buds. But some things you just miss. Case in point: a cupcake at the beach.
I first realized that the most delicious location for a moist cupcake was seaside while visiting our besties some years ago in St. Augustine, Florida.

The other day my hubby and I went to our local Sprinkles cupcake shop and noticed something new and inclusive to all. They now carry the popular red velvet cupcake in both vegan and gluten free options. (now I must pause for a moment and add that I am really a fan of Sprinkles and I know many people have varying preferences… I have tried Magnolia in NYC, Crumbs in Beverly Hills, Suzie Cakes in Costa Mesa, Luli’s in St. Augustine just to name a few. And I am really a fan of Sprinkles, not too much frosting and a moist delicious cupcake. But that does not mean that I am not in favor of the others, I just really happen to enjoy a Sprinkles cupcake, hype and all.)

So we did a taste test comparison of both the GF and regular red velvet. And although the GF had a ever so slightly different aftertaste (of maybe…mmm…garbanzo bean flour), it was a nearly perfect match. And for someone that hasn’t had a red velvet cup cake in years, it would be a piece of heaven. And so… when Mama B. was visiting last, we swung by Sprinkles, grabbed a few cupcakes and head to Crystal Cove for a hike down the cliff to sit by the tide pools.

This one’s for you, Cupcake…the pictures surely show how much she enjoyed!


10 Responses to “This ones’s for you, Cupcake”

  1. lollcakes Says:

    I know how Mama B feels! It’s hard to find things that cater to gluten- or dairy-free, so well done to Sprinkles!

  2. queenbeeeatsforaday Says:

    It’s true! However, we’re starting to see more and more gluten-free options out there.

  3. Darlene Says:

    Although I haven’t bought cake mixes in a while after realizing how easy it is to make from scratch, I would certainly try the gluten-free Sprinkles cupcake mix! And maybe eat it on the beach too!

  4. Stella Says:

    Hey, I love sprinkles too, and I’m trying to avoid gluten. I don’t have celiac, but I don’t feel the ‘new wheat’ is healthful. It’s just too modified.
    I’m working on a gluten free cake with no funniness, so hopefully I’ll come up with something soon.
    p.s. glad to find your blog!
    Stella Witch (smile)…

  5. queenbeeeatsforaday Says:

    Agree about “new wheat” – good point. Can’t wait to see your gluten-free cake recipe!


  6. Emily Says:

    Sweet memories with both bees. =)

  7. queenbeeeatsforaday Says:

    Aw, we miss you! XOXO Come eat with us in NY soon!

  8. Gina Stanley Says:

    My friends daughter needs gluten free recipes, I have to try this for her! Thanks for sharing.

  9. queenbeeeatsforaday Says:

    Thanks for stopping by! We’re going to try and do more gluten-free stuff b/c we know quite a few people who have gluten intolerance, are celiac, or just have omitted it from their diets. You may want to check out this post as well – https://queenbeeeatsforaday.wordpress.com/2009/03/23/let-them-eat-gluten-free-cake/

  10. Emily Says:

    We have a new gluten free bakery in the square down town,need to try!!

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