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Economy Minded Luxe Lunch March 23, 2009

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In light of the current economy, we are curbing our out of the house eating. Sometimes it seems unjustified to pay beaucoup bucks for only a moderate meal. But there are times that it is enjoyable to eat out – my hubby and I love Saturday lunch dates. So we decided to adventure out for a lovely afternoon, and pay mind to our ordering.

I shall begin…but I’ll need to take a moment to close my eyes, a and salivate for a moment, mmm, the taste memory is fantastic. We went to Canaletto in Newport Beach, an Italian restaurant.  For our meal we ordered the Antipasto di Pesce, small plate samplings of their seafood appetizers. I should note that all the dishes themselves are on the lunch menu, but the sampling antipasto is actually listed on the dinner menu (we had checked out the menu online), there was no problem ordering it however. The small plates each came out one by one when ready, sized perfectly for two to share, and price accordingly. The antipasto is $15 pp, but the meal was far more luxe than the $30 price tag (for 2) would suggest. I should also mention that each of the appetizers if ordered alone are priced between $10 and $14, so to get e bit of all of them is well worth it. But none of this is giving the meal justice…let me describe the dishes that arrived…

Ostriche Fresche – Seasonal fresh oysters with lemon and cocktail sauce
Carpaccio di Spada – House-cured swordfish carpaccio with sliced fresh artichokes, capers, and micro-greens
Sardee in Saor – Fresh sardines fried and marinated with sweet and sour onions (so similar to a herring snack my hubby had a few summers ago in Amsterdam)
Baccala ‘alla Vicentina – Imported dry cod baked in milk with onions, capers and garlic, served over soft polenta (the description does nothing for the taste – more creamy than salty, warm and delectable)
Calamaretti Fritti – Baby squid lightly floured and deep-fried; served with grilled polenta and spicy marinara sauce
Polipo con Patate – Warm octopus and potato salad with extra-virgin olive oil and lemon juice (the octopus was no where near it usually chewy self, it was tender and scrumptious)

It was a leisurely late lunch, and a lot of wonderfully different food. I have no pictures, but no fear, I’ll be going back and I’ll snap some. ~ HHB


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