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Valentine’s Day Dinner February 19, 2009

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dinner-cuThis past Valentine’s Day actually marked my sweetie’s and my very first V-Day as a married couple!  We’ve been going through an apartment reorganization, which we started with the kitchen and partly inspired this blog.  This also partly explains why I have not posted so frequently lately.  I digress.  So, getting back to the point…

Our first V-Day married was one of the best yet!  It was a really food-fabulous day.

It started with a light lunch at Lombardi’s (“the best pizza on the planet!”) in Little Italy.  We had our usually, a pepperoni pizza, which is my sweetie’s favorite – we will have a whole post on that later.

Then we headed over to Dean & Deluca’s flagship store on the corner of Prince and Broadway (the other bee’s favorite place in SoHo!) to pick up some last-minute ingredients for the special dinner I was planning to make (our list included Roquefort, Black Forest bacon, a baguette, chives, fleur de sel, and dessert).

The menu would include:

  • 2003 Winemaker’s Reserve Calloway Sangiovese (brought home from our honeymoon in California)
  • A baguette (for snacking with the extra Roquefort cheese and wine as I cooked)
  • Restaurant style filet mignon with Roquefort sauce
  • Braised Swiss chard with bacon
  • Sautéed snap peas
  • Parslied potatoes

The dinner was fabulous!  Valentine’s Day was last weekend and still five days later my sweetie hasn’t stopped talking about it.

I’ll be posting some pictures, preparation, and recipes in the next few days.  I just wanted to whet your appetites.



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