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while i’m away, my honey will…cook October 22, 2008

So I’ve been on a trip to Florida these last few days and left my honey to fend for himself. Well, almost for himself. I left him the ingredients and recipe for an autumn mushroom soup and a killer good tomato (and then some) sauce in the ice box him to fill in the rest. He has been a man on a COOKING MISSION.












Meal one – Mushroom soup with hazelnut gremolata. His comment: “I am pretty sure I used every bowl in the house”, since this soup called for 6 cups of crimini mushrooms, reconstituted porcinis and then another 12 ounces of assorted shrooms (we found shitaki, oyster, and chanterelle at out market), there was a lot of slicing and separating (yes he sliced all of the fungi by hand). This soup was also nicely healthful, not calling for any cream. So the pound of criminis were sauteed with carrots and onions, and then cooked an blended with veggie stock to make the soup base. The assorted shrooms were sauteed in a bit og butter and then mixed in towards the end. The hazelnut gremolata required roasting and chopping the nuts, and then mixing with parsley, garlic, and orange peel. “This was delicious, hearty, full of flavor, and worth repeating – with help and a hand mixer.”

I should add a disclaimer here, I did not leave him this recipe to attempt alone with any ill intent, I had expected to make it myself (with him as my ever trusty soux chef) but did not get to it before I had to leave town. The other recipe choices on the other hand, he chose solo.

Meal two – Spaghetti and meatballs. For his next meal, he found what was seemingly easy, but it turned out that “these recipes are more involved than they let on”. Browning onions and parsley prior to combining with the meat, then adding white bread soaked in milk, and the meatballs are actually baked in the oven after they are browned on the stove top. It was a spin on meatballs that he hadn’t attempted before. He was full of concentration, while I listened on speakerphone I could hear clanging of kitchen utensils, muttering under his breath, and the patting of two excited pooches hoping for just one meatball to fall to the floor. The end result – a plate of spaghetti and meat balls fit for a king.

But, thank goodness for leftovers! He needs a rest before attempting Meal three – butternut squash risotto with vanilla. I must say that I am uber impressed that he both chose a recipe that calls for a vanilla bean and then actually found one.

xoxo…miss you bebe,



One Response to “while i’m away, my honey will…cook”

  1. TheVQ Says:

    Your mushroom soup sounds great. I am a serious mushroom lover and eater.

    The Veggie Queen

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